In 1949 - I first visited New York. The jazz scene was at a peak of creativity. Sound recording by means of magnetic tape was new. It gave incredible advantages over the old disc recordings methods and allowed such possibilities of virtually unlimited recording time as well as such techniques as overdubbing. In 1951 I was privileged to take part in a historic recording, when overdubbing was used for the first time in jazz improvisation (Lennie Tristano: "Passtime and JuJu"). During the early nineteen-fifties it became apparent that there was a widening split between commercial jazz and jazz that was dedicated to improvisation and experimentation. Wave was an outgrowth of my own experimentation and my efforts to record some of the jazzmen that were extremely talented and creative, but who were not eminently successful commercially. The earlier recordings were made in New York. Since returning to the UK in 1966 I have continued recording and releasing new music in a modest way. My conviction is that Wave has added a dimension to jazz that has frequently been overlooked or marginalised.

The following recordings are available on CD - The Wave Collection

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Wave 4 "Time For Improvisation"
This, the first and only recording of unaccompanied Jazz bass lines, was first released in LP format in 1967. This CD release is a copy of the original vinyl. It consists of a number of jazz standards played unaccompanied by Peter Ind.
more info
Wave 6 Warne Marsh - "Release Record - Send Tape"
Warne Marsh - Tenor Sax, Ronnie Ball - Piano, Peter Ind - Double Bass, Dick Scott (Tox Drohar) - Drums. Recorded 1959/60 New York City. "One of the most satisfying players in the jazz idiom... the performances on this album are among his best and most satisfying work... joyous music by a great saxophonist. Get the record and all will be clear."
Mark Gardner, Jazz Journal International. more info
Wave 10 More Jazz from the East Village
Originally released on vinyl - now again available on CD with additional material. Warne Marsh - Tenor Sax, Ronnie Ball - Piano, Eddie de Haas and Peter Ind - Double Basses , Bob Minnicucci - Brushes. Recorded August 1960.
"One of the greatest spontaneous soloists since Charlie Parker" Alun Morgan, Jazz Journal International. more info
Wave 12 Baubles, Bangles and Beads
Louis Stewart - Guitar and Peter Ind - Double Bass, now available with additional music as CD12. "This marvellous LP is one of Stewart's best available sets. The interplay between bass and guitar becomes telepathic at times. The tone of the two instruments is completely in harmony. Peter gets a superb sound. When it comes to sheer musicianship ... Louis Stewart and Peter Ind are experts in the field and this LP is the equivalent of a joint thesis in improvisation.
" Alun Morgan, Jazz Journal International more info
Wave 17 "Taylor Made"
Guitarist Martin Taylor's debut album as leader. With John Richardson - Drums and Peter Ind - Double Bass.
"At a time when guitar playing has strayed so far from the true sound of the instrument, Martin Taylor's LP comes as a breath of fresh air - an embodiment of taste, musicality and technical mastery that is for me one of the finest performances of jazz guitar playing on record". Ike Issacs more info
Wave 24 "Triple Libra"
A duo album by Martin Taylor - Guitar and Peter Ind - Double Bass, recorded in 1979 at Wave's Twickenham Studios.
"I just heard the record Martin Taylor and Peter Ind made and I am amazed to find out how only two musicians can produce... The intricate work of Peter Ind follows so well the melodic line of Martin Taylor who, complete with chords his own compositions with so much talent. I particularly appreciate "Manhattan Tea Party", "Green Eyes" and that lovely guitar solo "Ginger" I wish (beaucoup de succes) to these two very gifted artists." Stephane Grappelli more info
Wave 32 " Walk Softly "
The Guildhall Jazz Band featuring Kenny Wheeler, directed by Scott Strongman.
"It's hard to believe that the Guildhall Jazz Band is composed almost entirely of students, so proficiently do they interpret the four compositions by guest artist Kenny Wheeler. The London-based ensemble won BBC Radio Two's Big Band Competition three years in a row about the time this recording was made. Wheeler, a superb trumpeter and effective writer is the centrepiece of this recital, soloing on every track." Jack Bowers, Cadence March 1999. more info
Wave 33 Tony Barnard Trio "The London Sessions"
Tony Barnard and Jim Mullen - Guitars, Peter Ind - Double Bass, recorded August 1997
"Two guitars and bass make a lovely sound when they are as well matched as this. The trick is to keep the texture light and the lines clear, easy to say, difficult to achieve but they bring it off to perfection" Dave Gelly, London Observer, 24th May 1998. more info
Wave 34 The Artistry of Kenny Barron
Kenny Barron - Piano, Peter Ind - Double Bass and Mark Taylor - Drums. Recorded Live at the Bass Clef, London on March 21st 1990.
"This superb album has been provided by Peter Ind. Body and Soul... is gorgeous ballad playing... I doubt that we shall get a better, more exciting jazz piano album this year (or any year). Outstanding and totally recommended. A certain nomination from me for a record of the year." Pat Hawes, Jazz Journal International, Dec 1988. more info
Wave 36 "Alone Together"
Peter Ind and Rufus Reid - Double Basses. Recorded as a video at the Manchester Crafts Guild, Pittsburgh, PA in November 1998 and first released as Wave CD 36 in 2000.
"This is the CD to play to those who still argue that the double bass is purely a jazz rhythm instrument. Here, two virtuosic players embark on a series of remarkable duets, in which melody, lyrical improvisation and a propulsive rhythmic pulse are given equal weight, producing entrancing performances, which must make this issue a contender for CD of the year. The duo complement each other wonderfully, with Ind, perhaps the more cerebral, balanced perfectly by the more earthy Reid" Chris Lee, Manchester Evening News, March 31st 2000. more info

Wave 37 Back to Back
Nils Solberg - Guitar, Peter Ind - Double Bass. A series of jazz standards with Nils on acoustic guitar and Peter on acoustic bass.
"Peter is joined on this tuneful set by the talented guitarist Nils Solberg, who is at last receiving deserved recognition after having spent considerable time playing in a variety of musical situations. Nils and Peter show their kindred spirit in their committed jazz approach to the ten established standard tunes." Al Merrit, Jazz Now Interactive. more info

Wave 38 Tony Barnard and Peter Ind present "Guitar Jam"
London Sessions Two, the companion CD to Wave 33. Featuring Louis Stewart, Jim Mullen, Dave Cliff, Nils Solberg and Tony Barnard -guitars, and Peter Ind - Double Bass.
"While Guitar fans will relish the opportunity to hear Australia's Barnard play in memorable chase choruses, dialogues and jams with distinctive stylists like Jim Mullen, Louis Stewart and Dave Cliff, I regret that Ind gets less solo space as a result! When he does solo in 'Secret Love', 'In a Mellow Tone', and during the driving chase dialogue with Barnard and Cliff that concludes 'Tenor Madness', his vibrant invention shows why he numbers among the contemporary masters of his instrument," David Lewis - Cadence Feb 2001. more info
Wave 39 Peter Ind presents Lee Konitz in "Jazz from the Nineteen Fifties"
Lee Konitz - Alto Sax, Don Ferrara - Trumpet, Billy Bauer - Guitar, Dick Scott - Drums and Peter Ind - Double Bass. Recorded at the Midway Lounge, Pittsburgh PA, in February 1957.
"Lee Konitz must be one of the most remarkable pure improvisers since the Second World War. It's amazing to hear new sides nearly forty years old. You don't feel nostalgic reminiscing about Konitz: this man was as good as it gets - and everything from 'Jazz from the Nineteen-Fifties' keeps his legend intact...'' Greg Buium. Cadence July 2001. more info
Wave 42 Peter Ind's Bass Clef International
Recorded at the "606" Club Chelsea in April 2001. A truly international group featuring Michel Goldberg - Tenor and Soprano saxes. Michel leads an Academy of Jazz in Paris and hails from San Malo in Normandy. Guitarist Tony Barnard hails from Sydney, Australia and Peter and Tony first met at the 606 in 1996 and have since teamed up together. Percussionist Rod Youngs comes from Washington DC and now is resident in the UK. Bassist Peter Ind originates from England but was for many years a resident of the USA (mainly in New York and California). more info
Wave 44 "A Sixty-Year Reunion - how cool is that?" - Lee Konitz/Peter Ind/Rod Youngs
Our musical association began in New York on 1950 when Lennie Tristano invited me to play with his group (of which Lee was then a member) in New York's original Birdland Club. This reunion, recorded at the "606" Club in London, therefore covers a span of sixty years. It only seems like the day before yesterday!
more info
Wave 111 Looking Out/Jazz Bass Baroque - Peter Ind
From Wave LP's 1 and 11 - combined as one CD.
"Ind gets top billing on this intriguing glance over forty years... he plunged into experiments with overdubbing, tape speeds to produce some startling effects. A handful are on this beguiling scrapbook of a record..." Clive Davis, London Sunday Times April 25th 1999. more info

In Spring 2008 we released a series of 5 new CDs - - 'Listening to the Art of Jazz'. These are favourites from my own archives and treasures from my Bass Clef club days. These include Duke Jordan, the new Paul Whiteman Band, District Six, Matt Ross and Eddie Thompson and a special double bass album from me too. On purpose this series is an eclectic mix, showing the very wide range of styles and approaches with different groupings of musicians from UK and the US. BUT they have one thing in common - they each provide a superb showcase for different types of jazz improvisation. For those new to jazz they provide a real chance to listen for themselves and understand the incredible core of jazz - live and improvised jazz and find out for themselves what they like in jazz. This is my aim this year - to help people just enjoy the music. Rather than be told what is 'in' or 'out' or what others, who are not necessarily musicians themselves, are telling people what is good. "A preposterous idea!" I say.


Wave 4 Peter Ind - 60 Years with My Bass - Well Almost
With a selection of solos as well as duos and trios featuring the double bass. It includes the first ever solo bass recital given at the University of California, Berkeley in the 1960's. more info
Wave 29 District Six - Leave My Name At The Door
One of the favourite groups headlining Saturday nights at the Bass Clef club, providing a great display of South African influenced jazz. more info

Wave 20 Duke Jordan - Live At The Bass Clef
Charlie Parker's legendary jazz pianist, who made a rare visit to the Bass Clef club in London, playing with a trio. It provided a memorable night of live improvisation with some classic renditions of jazz standards. more info

Wave 19 Beauty and the Beat - Mattie Ross and Eddie Thompson
Recorded in 1983 at Wave Studios in Hoxton Square, London. Two of the UK's most wonderful jazz piano players solely creating music as a duo by listening to eachother and developing improvisations in response. more info

Wave 27 The New Paul Whiteman Orchestra in concert at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
The energy of a big band and a rare re-creation of the hot jazz of the 1920s. It provides a reappraisal of a long-overlooked aspect of jazz history. more info


The Bass Clef Collection - a new Wave!

Wave 35 Tony Barnard's "All Hat Jazz"
Recorded in Sydney, Australia, 1990. Featuring Alan Davey, Dave Ellis, Adam Barnard and Rod Jeffery with special guests Robert Blackman, Bob Barnard, Tim Brosman and Len Barnard.
"Full of surprises. All Hat Jazz was an Australian band with a basic line-up of guitar, trumpet, bass and drums, fronted by expansive blues singer Rod Jeffrey. For me the outstanding track is 'There Will Never Be Another You', when the older generation of Barnards join in with the lads". Jazz Rag July/Aug 1999. more info
Bass Clef 40 Jazz Brunch at the Pizza on the Park, London
The Jambalaya Trio, Leader Dick Cook - Clarinet, Nils Solberg - Acoustic Guitar, Peter Ind - Double Bass, recorded live at that venue in 2000.
"This is a live recording, but the audience does not distract and the sound is very good. If fine musicianship, lovely tunes and lightly-swinging jazz with a hint of New Orleans is your scene, then you will like this CD." Derek Coller, New Orleans Music, September 2001. more info
Bass Clef 25 Nils Solberg - You and the Night and the Music
Recorded London, 2001. more info
Bass Clef 21 The Barnards featuring Peter Ind
Recorded live at Ronnie Scott's Club, London, 2003. more info

The Following Recordings are available on vinyl

Wave 1 Peter Ind "Looking Out"
The original music released on Wave. Recorded in New York 1957-61. Includes artists such as Sheila Jordan (her first recording), pianists Sal Mosca and Ronnie Ball, Guitarists Joe Puma and Al Stickman and drummer Dick Scott (Tox Drohar). Also available as a combined album with Wave 11 (Jazz Bass Baroque) as Wave CD 111.
"The album's excellence is undimmed" Richard Williams, Melody Maker more info

Wave 9 No Kidding
With Dave Cliff - Guitar, Chas. Burchell - Tenor Sax, Tox Drohar - Drums and Peter Ind - Double Bass. Recorded live, London 1974. more info
Wave 11 Jazz Bass Baroque
Peter Ind solos and also plays with guitarist Martin Taylor live at the Bass Clef. Available on vinyl, also on CD111 combined with the original Wave 1 (Looking Out). more info
Wave 13 Peter Ind Sextet
Charles Burchell/ Gray Allard - Saxes, Dave Cliff/Derek Phillips - Guitars, Bernie Cash/Peter Ind - Double Basses. Jazz standards and some originals by Peter Ind arranged for this unique 'double horn' sextet.
"A great twin-tenor ensemble spearhead. One cannot fail to be impressed by the superb arrangements, accurate ensemble playing and stretching solos." Mark Gardner - Jazz Journal International more info
Wave 18 Great Jazz Solos Revisited
Orchestral leader Bernie Cash. Featuring Peter King, Jim Livesey, Bob Burns - saxes, Digby Fairweather - trumpet, Dave Cliff - guitar, Art Morgan - Drums, Peter Ind - Double Bass and many others - as featured on the South Bank Show. Recorded following a successful tour in the North of England and at both Camden and Bracknell Jazz Festivals.
"Excellent improvising by Jim Livesey and Bob Burns... Peter King takes off on a couple of truly inspired alto choruses. The collective improvisation at the end of 'Barbecue' is masterly." Alun Morgan - Jazz Journal International more info
Wave 23 Argenta Ora
Ray Swinfield - Saxes, Flute and Piccolo, John Pearce - Piano, Dave Green - Double Bass, Alan Ganley - Drums. A remarkable album - arranged by Ray Swinfield includes some originals and a wonderful transcription of Chick Corea's solo on Five Hundred Miles High. more info
  Wave 29 "Leave My Name at the Door"
District Six, Live from the Bass Clef, London. Featuring Jim Dvorak - Trumpet and Vocals, Harrison Smith - Saxophones and Flute, Mervyn Africa - Piano and Vocals, Dill Katz - Fretless Bass Guitar - Brian Abrahams - Drums and Vocals. With apologies to those whose names were not on the door...! more info