In 1949 - I first visited New York. The jazz scene was at a peak of creativity. Sound recording by means of magnetic tape was new. It gave incredible advantages over the old disc recordings methods and allowed such possibilities of virtually unlimited recording time as well as such techniques as overdubbing. In 1951 I was privileged to take part in a historic recording, when overdubbing was used for the first time in jazz improvisation (Lennie Tristano: "Passtime and JuJu"). During the early nineteen-fifties it became apparent that there was a widening split between commercial jazz and jazz that was dedicated to improvisation and experimentation. Wave was an outgrowth of my own experimentation and my efforts to record some of the jazzmen that were extremely talented and creative, but who were not eminently successful commercially. The earlier recordings were made in New York. Since returning to the UK in 1966 I have continued recording and releasing new music in a modest way. My conviction is that Wave has added a dimension to jazz that has frequently been overlooked or marginalised.