Looking Out – Jazz Bass Baroque – A compilation of jazz recorded over a period of forty years. 1959-99. WAVE CD 111

The Peter Ind Sextet – with Peter Ind and Bernie Cash (double basses) Dave Cliff and Derek Phillips (guitars) Chas. Burchall and Gray Allard (Saxes) recorded in Wales 1975 only available as LP disc WAVE LP 13

Peter Ind – Improvisation – solo double bass London 1968 Wave LP3 (not currently available)

Time for Improvisation – rhythm bass lines for Jazz Improvisation – Peter Ind bass. London 1969 WAVE LP 4 – (Not currently available)

Looking Out – Peter Ind with Ronnie Ball and Sal Mosca (Piano) Joe Puma and Al Schackman (Guitar) Dick Scott (Drums) Sheila Jordan (Vocal) Wave New York 1961 LP only – only available on Wave CD 111

Jazz Bass Baroque – Peter Ind with Martin Taylor and others. Wave LP11 – London 1988


Contrabach – the music of J.S.Bach played on two double basses, Peter Ind and Bernard Cash WAVE LP 20 not currently available.

Triple Libra - Peter Ind and Martin Taylor WAVECD24

Alone Together – Peter Ind and Rufus Reid – a double bass duo recital, dedicated to The Judge, Milt Hinton. WAVE CD 36. Also to be released as a video later in 2000

Back to Back - Nils Solberg (Guitar) and Peter Ind (Bass) WAVE CD 37

Baubles Bangles and Beads – Louis Stewart and Peter Ind only available as LP disc WAVE LP 12

Beyond Baubles, Bangles and Beads - Louis Stewart and Peter Ind (new CD release with additional material due November 2000)

Guitar Jam – London Sessions Two – Tony Barnard and Peter Ind present Louis Stewart, Jim Mullen, Dave Cliff and Nils Solberg WAVE CD 38

Sal Mosca and Peter Ind at The Den (Duane Hotel) - New York City 1959 WAVE LP 2 ( not currently available)

Sal Mosca and Peter Ind (Volume two) - New York 1959 WAVE LP8 (not currently available)

Your friendly neighbourhood rhythm section - Dick Scott drums, Peter Ind bass, rhythm tracks for jazz improvisation. WAVE LP 7 (Not currently available)


Lee Konitz with Peter Ind (Bass) Ronnie Ball (Piano) Jeff Morton (Drums) - recorded New York 1954 Columbia Records.

Lee Konitz at Harvard Square - (same personnel) Boston USA. 1955. Storyville LP 323

Paul Bley Trio - Paul Bley (Piano) Al Levitt (Drums) Peter Ind (Bass) Mercury – (Wing) USA

Jutta Hipp Trio - Jutta Hipp (Piano) Peter Ind (Bass) Ed Thigpen (Drums) Double album Blue Note 1515 and 1516 recorded at the Hickory House, New York City 1955

The Real Lee Konitz - Lee Konitz (Alto sax) Billy Bauer (Guitar) Don Ferrara (Trumpet) Dick Scott (Drums) Peter Ind (Bass) recorded Midway Lounge – Pittsburgh, Pa, 1957 Atlantic 1273 .

Lee Konitz in Hi Fi - Lee Konitz (alto sax) Sal Mosca (Piano) Billy Bauer (guitar) , Peter Ind or Arnold Fishkind (bass) Dick Scott or Shadow Wilson (drums) 1958 Atlantic 1258.

Jimmy Raney (Strings and Swings) - Jimmy Raney (guitar) Peter Ind (bass) plus strings of the Juilliard String Quartet. 1958 Muse Records 5004.

Buddy Rich in Miami - Buddy Rich (drums) Flip Phillips (Tenor Sax) Ronnie Ball (Piano) Peter Ind (Bass) 1958 Verve Records (MGV 8256)

The Very Cool Lee Konitz - Lee Konitz (alto sax) Sal Mosca (Piano) Don Ferrara (Trumpet) Shadow Wilson (Drums) Peter Ind (Bass) 1958 Verve Records (MGV 8209)

No Kidding – Peter Ind with Dave Cliff (Guitar) Chas. Burchell (Tenor Sax) Tox Drohar (Dick Scott) drums. London 1974 Wave LP 9

Jazz at the Richmond Festival – Peter Ind and Bernie Cash (Basses) with Derek Phillips (Guitar) and Chas.Burchell (Tenor Sax) WAVE LP 5 Out of print.

Dick Wellstood with Peter Ind – Some Hefty Cats featuring Keith Smith, Ian Wheeler, Barry Nichols
HJ 100. (UK)

Bud Freeman – Song of the Tenor, with Bob Wilber,Bruce Turner (Saxes) Keith Ingham (Piano) Peter Ind (Bass) Bobby Orr (Drums) Phonogram 6308 254

Jazz a Confronto – Lee Konitz (alto sax) Dave Cliff (Guitar) Al Levitt (Drums) Peter Ind(Bass) |Recorded in Rome Italy, 1975 Horo 101 32.

Benny Waters (alto sax) Eddie Thompson (Piano) Derek Hogg (Drums) Peter Ind (Bass) - 1979 Camelia C 12 3 (UK)

Benny Waters (alto sax) Keith Smith (trumpet) Peter Ind (bass) “Up Jumped the Blues" - Hefty Jazz HJ 105 (UK)

Tommy Whittle (Sax for Dreamers) Kenny Powell (Piano) Peter Ind (Bass) - Masquerade Records MQ2000 (UK)

Great Jazz Solos Revisited - Leader Bernie Cash, Wave Records LP18 ( London 1978)

Lee Konitz meets Warne Marsh again – with Peter Ind and Al Levitt (Produttonassociati) PALP 72 Rome,Italy 1975


Line Up and East 32nd Street – from Lennie Tristano’s 1955 Atlantic Records album (1224)– now reissued on CD (Mosaic Records) Peter Ind and Jeff Morton made the very first unaccompanied jazz rhythm tapes which were used by Lennie for his multispeed overdubbing. The very first of their kind.

Descent into the Maelstrom – Lennie Tristano with Peter Ind EW (Japan)