Peter has had a lifetime interest in creative energy, studying and writing about it.
He first wrote a study about Cosmic Metabolism and Vortical Accretion in 1964 in California.
He has concentrated on writing in the Millennium.

EQUINOX PUBLISHING - available in paperback £13:99
158mm x 234mm, 214 pages
ISBN 978 1 84553 281 9

Lennie Tristano was one of jazz’s most extraordinary innovators, possessing a superb piano technique and an awesome musical imagination. Unheralded by the general public, the blind pianist’s work was revered by many jazz greats including the legendary Charlie Parker. Tristano’s persuasive personality made him an ideal teacher, and he proved that (against the accepted theory of the time) jazz improvisation could be taught. His guidance played a big part in the development of many instrumentalists including saxophonists Lee Konitz and Warne Marsh and double-bassist Peter Ind. It is Ind’s long, direct involvement with his subject that makes this such a revealing book: the story of an English musician going to New York to study with a neglected Jazz giant. In the process, Tristano's genius is examined and his reputation revalued, with Ind making a persuasive case for the pianist to be placed at the centre of jazz developments in the mid-20th century.

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The Environment and Cosmic Metabolism

THE ENVIRONMENT AND COSMIC METABOLISM : Looking at the stars and thinking about the Earth
BARGEPOLE PUBLISHING - available in paperback £10:00 including p&p (UK and Europe)
155mm x 233mm, 85 pages
ISBN 978 0 9558062 0 9

Twenty or even ten years ago if anyone had seriously warned about climate change the general reaction would have been dismissive. Our dependency upon fossil fuels for energy (particularly portable forms of energy) cannot be resolved as long as we view energy as needing to be sourced from the breakdown of matter – whether coal, oil or natural gas – or even nuclear fission.

Fire energy was the energy of the caveman. It is time to move forward.

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Painting trhe energy of nature

The 2008 Collection
221mm x 221mm, 36 pages
£8:00 including p&p (UK and Europe)

Peter Ind is an internationally renowned jazz musician and sound engineer as well as an acknowledged writer and painter. The core of his work is about creative energy. He is also a passionate environmentalist. As a jazz musician he has travelled extensively and lived in New York and Big Sur, California, as well as the UK, and most recently some of the year in France and Spain. He has an unrelenting passion to paint the landscapes wherever he is. In his eightieth year Peter has compiled this collection of more than fifty years of painting to reflect a lifetime capturing the energy of nature, and its resilience in the face of increasing pollution.
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